Posted June 10, 2014 by Luis Mercado in Sports

Will Donald Sterling Ever Quit? Will Fight NOT To Sell Team

Donald Sterling. 80-years-old. “NOT a racist.” (His quotes not mine). And enjoys stopping into baptist church every once in a while.

OH! Apparently he’s still fighting to be the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers as well.

According to his lawyer, Donald Sterling is going to fight the status of the team being given to his wife Shelly who sold the team for $2 billion earlier last week.

Shelly is now claiming she is the sole trustee of The Sterling Family Trust which owns the team because he was suffering from dementia and allegedly mentally incapacitated to handle the trust.

This will leave owner-in-waiting Steve Ballmer in the backseat until the issue becomes resolved.

If Donald’s case does go to court, it can bring an interesting precedent on whether you can be punished for things said during a private conversation.

Stay tuned as this is surely not going to go away anytime soon.