Posted June 10, 2014 by BlueMagic in ThatsEnuff

Love and Hip Hop Star Stevie J Arrested [Video]

Stevie J has been seen on Love and Hip Hop ATL with his current/alleged wife Joseline Hernandez showing off an not traditional relationship. Through it all, Stevie J often known for flossing his wealth for the camera. Well all that bragging has finally caught up with him. TMZ reports that Stevie J has been arrested for backed up child support. Here’s what TMZ had to say:

He and his live-in GF had a kid in ’97 and ’98. In ’99 Stevie was ordered to pay around $6,600 a month in child support, which eventually was raised to $8500K. According to the criminal complaint, Stevie J stopped paying in 2001 — he’s never paid a cent since then. So now the tab is a whopping $1,107,412.

That’s a lot of money to owe for child support. Check out the video below and the arrest going down.