Posted June 5, 2014 by BlueMagic in News

Loaded 9MM Gun Found Amongst Toys Section in Target (Details)

Police in South Carolina are investigating a loaded 9mm gun found in the toy section in target. ABC News covered the story:

According to a police report, an employee at the Myrtle Beach store reported May 30 that he was investigating a possible theft when he noticed a black handgun on top of a superhero toy box.

The employee told officers he had seen a man repeatedly walking around that section of the store, but authorities said they didn’t know if that man had put the gun among the toys.

Authorities said the 9-mm handgun had not been reported stolen and had eight bullets inside. Officers said they would review security camera footage to try to determine who left the gun in the store.

That’s a very scary story to report. Can you imagine if a child was to play with the gun thinking it was a toy inside the store? Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America started a petition asking Target and stores alike to not allow guns inside their stores. What do you guys think? Shouldn’t there be a law when it comes to stores and weapons?