Posted June 2, 2014 by Marie-D in ThatsEnuff

Slow Bucks Altercation During 50 Cent Performance, Allegedly Robbed [Video]

50 Cent performed on Sunday at Hot 97’s Summer Jam and the crowd went crazy when he brought out G-Unit. There was some controversy during the performance when a fight broke out right behind them.

50 had rapper Fabolous come out and they performed his “Cuffin Season (Remix)” when Slow from Slowbucks got into an altercation on stage during the performance. Allegedly Slow got his chain snatched and 50 finished his set with the chain on, again allegedly.

The beef is apparently from when Slow had a picture up on his Instagram of 50’s son and Trav up, as well as himself and others, at an event. 50 and Trav aren’t cool like that for his son to be in picture with him. 50 Cent commented on the pic which drew the conclusion of last night altercation.

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Watch the video below:


Source: Baller Status