Posted June 2, 2014 by Marie-D in Entertainment News

August Alsina SHUTS DOWN Concert After Fan Steals His Hat [Video]

We all know singer August Alsina is not afraid to tell you how he feels. Over the weekend, August went of on his fans at a Little Rock concert. His concert abruptly came to an end when a fan stole his hat (Giving to him by his deceased brother Melvin).

August was on his bodyguards shoulders when the incident occurred.

“Any motherf***** in here that just took my motherf*****g hat…,” August yelled, “AIN’T NOBODY LEAVING OUT THIS B*TCH UNTIL I GET IT BACK, STRAIGHT UP!”

Moments later the singer cancelled the show.

 “Sorry man, but the motherf*****g show over. I love y’all but it ain’t my fault.”

Needless to say, his fans were not happy at all. Many hit social media to express their disappointment with August.

Was August wrong for cancelling the show? Watch the clip and comment below!