Posted May 31, 2014 by Devon Watkis in Sports

The Miami Heat Move On To Fourth Consecutive Finals and More Shenanigans From Lance Stephenson [Video]

Remember during the regular season when we all questioned whether or not the Miami Heat was going to be able to get through the the power house that was the Indiana Pacers?

Well that was before the Pacer melted down within these last 4 months. Now the Pacers are finally out of the playoffs after stumbling their way into the Eastern Conference Finals.

The Heat completely blew out the Pacers 117 – 92, leading the Pacers by as much as 35 at one point.

Lebron James after having a horrible Game 5 due to foul trouble, lead the charge for the Heat in Game 6 with 25 points, 6 assists, and four rebounds. Chris Bosh also had 25 points with Dwayne Wade and Rashard Lewis following up with 13 points.

The Heat now join the Lakers and the Celtics as the only franchises to have four straight NBA Finals appearances. James shared his feelings on this accomplishment with ESPN after the game.

“I’m blessed. Very blessed. Very humbled,” James said. “And we won’t take this opportunity for granted. It’s an unbelievable franchise, it’s an unbelievable group. And we know we still have work to do, but we won’t take this for granted. We’re going to four straight Finals and we will never take this for granted.”

Other than Paul George who had 29 points the Pacers offense was very anemic. Roy Hibert who most believed was going to be the key to beating the heat only had 8 points and four rebounds. Lance Stephenson who has been the face of the Pacers in this series dropped a very unimpressive 11 points, but still managed to taunt Lebron in the process.

James and Stephenson went at each other all night doing little things to try and get under each others skin. At one point Stephenson put his hands over James’ mouth, which James did not find as funny as when Stephenson blew in his ear in game 5. Many people think these antics by Stephenson caused more of a distraction for the Pacers than for the Heat.

In the end Stephenson says he has no regrets.

No regrets. All of us played hard. They were just the better team, and they won,” Stephenson said.

If you have not seen the highlights of the game check out the video below.