Posted May 29, 2014 by Unique in Media

‘Orange Is The New Black’ Actress Laverne Cox Lands The Cover OF ‘Time’ [Photo]

“Orange Is the New Black” actress Laverne Cox is starring in arguably the biggest role of her career — as a real life mainstream icon to millions.

Time magazine tapped the transgender actress for its cover story entitled, “The Transgender Tipping Point.”

Cox — who has used her fame from starring on the Netflix prison drama to campaign for equal rights regardless of gender identity — recounted being beaten with drumsticks as a boy who looked feminine by members of his school’s band.

Even sharing even uglier incident during her childhood in Alabama, which didn’t involve any physical blows. My third grade teacher called my mom and said, ‘Your son is going to end up in New Orleans wearing a dress.’ Up until that point I just thought that I was a girl and that there was no difference between girls and boys….Going to a therapist and the fear of God being placed in me about ending up in New Orleans wearing a dress, that was a profoundly shaming moment for me. I associated it with being some sort of degenerate, with not being successful.

You can check out the full cover story in the latest issue of TIME.

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