Posted May 29, 2014 by Unique in Charity

Nas Helps College Grads Transition Into The Real World Successfully With ‘The Nas Scholarship Fund’

Nasir Jones is all about street dreams..and now he’s about college dreams. He’s making a huge investment in higher education by offering college graduates The Nas Scholarship Fund. Nas’ investment company Queensbridge Venture Partners has teamed up with educational company Koru to assist graduates in making the transition into successful careers. Koru is a program that helps grads with landing their career goals, providing job training and placement. And with the backing of Nas’ investment company, the program plans to expand to reach more students.

The Nas Scholarship Fund will grant chosen students with financial aid. And not only that…select grads will also have the Queensbridge rapper as their very own real-world coach.

In a statement, Nas (who dropped out of school in the 8th grade) expressed how anxious he is to work with students saying,

I’m inspired to support Koru participants because I know how hard it can be to carve out your path and purpose in life. It takes conviction, hard work and the right network. The young people going through Koru are gritty, book smart and street smart. The Koru program gives them an opportunity to put those smarts to work. I can’t wait to work directly with them and share what I’ve learned through my own life experiences.

Go head to Nas!!!!! Find out more deets about the program on Koru’s official website.

source: YBF