Posted May 29, 2014 by Kymmi in Lifestyle

He’s Just Not That Into You, Here’s Why.

Us woman can become so naive sometimes, simple minded and aloof and unaware of the reality that nearly beats us in head begging us to wake up. The sad part is that many times we know the truth and somehow that still isn’t enough to keep us level headed. We’ve all had our fair share of jerks that didn’t belong or deserve an inch of what we gave him and hey I’m not saying we’re all angels, but I’m saying we’ve had our fair share of a-holes. So where does the final straw stand? The one that makes us say enough is enough? Great question.

We’re women and we are, for the most part, logical. We need hard facts, concrete evidence or a rule book if you will. When he acts like a jerk, for us, it doesn’t always mean go. Because we’re innately nurturing our motherly instincts tell us “stay.” We spend time convincing ourselves that things will get better and that he’s just ‘being a guy.’ Wrong.

It’s time to stop being naive and wake up. He’s just not that into you and here’s why.

Nobody Knows: Going public with your relationship can be tricky, but if you two are exclusive then what’s the problem? Have you met the family? If you’re answer is yes, it’s time to go public. If you’ve been dealing with one another for a significant amount of time – I like to think 90+ days – and his boys still don’t know I hate to be the one to break it, but he’s just not that into you.

He Doesn’t Call: We live in a super digital era where texting is so easy you can do it without your fingers. First things first, if he never texts you first he’s not that into you. If he never makes an effort to call it’s time to move on. If he is into you, however, he will FaceTime and frequently. A man thats into his girl loves the chance seeing his girl when he’s away. If he’s into you he’ll want to hear your voice every once in a while rather than stare at a 2 x 4 screen waiting for your reply. Don’t let modern times ruin your relationship. It’s okay to talk on the phone. We did it back in 90s and things worked out just fine. 

You’re Never 1st: There’s nothing normal about any man choosing a bunch of grown men over his women on the regular. Occasionally it’s okay, but on the regular? No. Way. A woman should never ask a man to choose between his friends and her. That’s just untouched territory, but a woman should know when it’s time to go. He never picks you over the boys? It’s time to go girl. You’re not being valued and quite frankly he just doesn’t care. We all want a man that cares.

He’s Busy: I know busy and I’m not buying it. If and when a man is ever “too busy” for you, he’s simply not that into you. We make time for those we want to make time for, even if it’s just at the end of the night just to sneak a quick cuddle session in, close your eyes and get back to work in the morning. I’m NOT buying it, and neither should you. Sorry girl, but he’s just not that into you.

Momma Says So: Quite frankly, as much as we hate to admit it, momma always knows. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from an older and much wiser version of myself it’s when a man does or doesn’t want me. The painfully great thing about a mother is that she’s honest even when you don’t want her to be. Sorry mija, el no te quiere.