Posted May 27, 2014 by Unique in Entertainment News

NFL Star Ray Rice And Wife Janay Palmer Speak On Their Violent Fight For The First Time, And Why They Stayed Together

Back in February NFL star Ray Rice getting into a fight with his then-fiancée, Janay Palmer, in a casino in Atlantic City. After the whole thing happened, Palmer married Rice despite the charges, and he was able to avoid serving jail time by agreeing to go through a year-long intervention program. And now that everything has played out in court, it seems that Mr. and Mrs. Rice are ready to move forward and work on their relationship and sustaining their family (they have a daughter named Rayven).

In an actual press conference on Friday at Rice’s team training complex, the Baltimore Ravens running back owned up to his mistakes, and Palmer did as well.

Rice’s statements include the following:

“Throughout this time, we really had the time to reflect on each other. One thing [is] that we were blessed to work it out together. [Everybody] knows [no] relationship is perfect, but me and Janay together, what counseling has done for us – we want the world to see that it definitely did help us out. I pride myself on … My job is a very prideful job – the NFL – and I’m blessed to be playing at the highest level of sports. But the job that I did was more than scoring touchdowns. It was getting out into the community. It was helping out. So, when all of you [saw] this come upon [us], this thing [that] happened with me and my wife, everybody questioned what happened. One thing I can say is that sometimes in life, you will fail. But I won’t call myself a failure. Failure is not getting knocked down; it’s not getting up.

I know many of my supporters, sponsors who have acted as so do not want to be in partnership with me – that’s my fault. That’s my fault. I take full responsibility for that. One thing that I do know is that I am working every day to be a better father, a better husband and just a better role model. My daughter [Rayven, 2 years old] left the [press conference] room, and the best thing I have to do is be a role model for her throughout everything. My wife is here, and I just want to thank her for loving me where I was weak and building up where I was strong throughout this whole situation.”

As for Palmer, she made this brief statement:

“First, I want to say thank you to all of those who have supported us throughout this situation. I do deeply regret the role that I played in the incident that night, but I can say that I am happy that we continue to work through it together, and we are continuing to strengthen our relationship and our marriage and do what we have to do for not only ourselves collectively, but individually, and working on being better parents for Rayven and continue to be good role models for the community like we were doing before this. I love Ray, and I know that he will continue to prove himself to not only you all, but [to] the community, and I know he will gain your respect back in due time. So thank you.”

You can read the the full transcript for the press conference here.