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Homeless Teen Receives Full Scholarship To Georgetown University [Video]

From madamenoire:

Here’s a little inspiration for your Tuesday afternoon. It’s no secret that homelessness is an issue in this country. And sadly, our nation’s capital is certainly not immune to the epidemic. And though those living in homeless shelters have challenges, they aren’t without hope.

Rashema Melson, an 18 year old senior at Anacostia High School not only received a 4.0 GPA this school year, but her efforts were rewarded with a full scholarship to Georgetown University.

In an interview with Fox 5, the Washington D.C  affiliate, Melson said, “I feel accomplished. I feel I did something worthy. I feel like I did it. But I’m not done yet.”

For the past two years Rashema, her mother and two siblings have been living in a D.C. homeless shelter. But instead of allowing her living arrangements to discourage her, Melson has used her situation as fuel.

“It’s pushing me to be better, to know what I want in life, and to know this is not what I want, but I have to go through it for the moment.”

Dora Taylor, a spokeswoman for D.C’s Department of Human Services says Melson is a success story and she praises her positive outlook on life.

“As you can see, she has no complaints. Nothing depresses her. Seemingly nothing brings her down. And she has the right attitude. You know, she expressed to you that she’s grateful despite her circumstances. And she’s determined that she’s going to do exactly what she needs to do in life to be self-supportive on her own. So we are extremely proud of Rashema.”

And though Rashema has an uncanny ability for seeing the bright side, she still admits that her journey thus far has not been easy.

“I think the toughest part is just moving around before we got to the shelter. Because it’s been going on for six years.”

Fox 5 asked her what keeps her motivated and Rashema’s answer, though simple, is also very profound.

“It’s not hard for me because I want it. Like when you don’t want it and you’re just doing it because you have to, it’s like a struggle. But I want to be successful and this is what I want. And that’ my goal in life–to like be successful.”

At Georgetown, Rashema plans to major in biology as a pre-med student. Inspired by her father’s murder when she was just a baby, she wants to become a forensic pathologist.

“I just want to know so much about him. Growing up not having a dad, as a female, it’s a really tough thing. You have to learn to love yourself. And just because there’s not an older man in your life to be that dad, you have to just get that from your mom. I wish I had a dad. I think about him a lot.”

This was such an inspiration to me. There are so many great reminders from Rashema’s story, including the fact that we need to remember to count our own blessings, be realistic but try to maintain a positive attitude despite the situation and work hard for the things we say we want. After all, look at the results it can yield.

May God continue to bless Rashema and her family as she takes this next step as an undergraduate at Georgetown.

You can check out Rashema’s interview with Fox 5 in this video below.