Posted May 27, 2014 by Luis Mercado in Sports

Dallas Cowboys Linebacker Sean Lee May Have Torn His ACL During Practice?

If you’re the Dallas Cowboys, and their fans you must be shaking in your shoes.

That’s because the “quarterback” of the defense Sean Lee hurt himself during the first practice of the new season.

He will reportedly go through an MRI later today to see if it’s true. He got hurt during a play when he hit knees with rookie guard Zack Martin.

What a way to start off your NFL career.

According to Jason Garrett,

“Sean has had to deal with injuries throughout college and also here in the NFL. He really does everything he can to get himself ready to play. Unfortunately, he had to deal with a few of those things, but he’s as mentally tough as an individual I’ve ever been around. Whatever the circumstances are, he always puts his best foot forward and strives to be his best. I don’t anticipate this being any different.”

Even Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III sent over his prayers.

He missed five games last season with various injuries.

Looks like another doomsday for the Cowboys season.