Posted May 27, 2014 by Tabby T in Lifestyle

10 Fascinating Types of People You Encounter On The Subway [Photo]

New York is an entertaining city to say the least, some entertainment you don’t even have to come out of your pocket for either! For those of you who regularly ride the subway here already know the various kinds of antics that may possibly take place during a 5-45 min ride. BigAppled managed to wine that infinite list of subway entertainment down to 10, & we absolutely agreed! check out the list below AND also in our gallery above for the visuals, & informative explanations. Be sure to let us know if we missed anything

1. The Performers.

2. The Crazies.

3. The Squeezer.

4. The Sleeper.

5. The Group of Tourists.

6. The Eater.

7. The PDA Couple.

8. The Mover.

9. The Pole Hogger.

10. THIS GUY. (Lol)


Source: BigAppled