Posted May 23, 2014 by Luis Mercado in Sports

Was A Ridiculous Restraining Order Filed Against Johnny Manziel?

When you become famous, sometimes people try to pull frivolous lawsuits against you.

Case in point this one that Deadspin found was filed in Florida court.

This one is pretty bad, yet kind of hilarious when you see all the dumb accusations against the famed quarterback.

Who has this kind of time?

Read some excerpts from it.

Johnny Manziel refers to his penis as his Vienna Sausage and told me good things come from small packages.

If that wasn’t bad enough.

Manziel sent me a homemade video of himself at Walt Disney World on “It’s a Small World” ride in the Magic Kingdom, and while the song is on, he puts the camera down and unbuttons his pants, pulls his penis out and jingles his penis to the music.

One day we will live in a world where people weren’t so… stupid.

Check out the whole suit on Deadspin.