Posted May 23, 2014 by BlueMagic in New Artist Spot Light

Ceiz ‘What You Came For’ [Video]

Ceiz is the youngest son of five boys, born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey. Ceiz graduated from Abraham Lincoln High School also located in Jersey City. Known by his family for being very independent and outspoken at a very young age, Ceiz often found himself in trouble at home and in school for voicing his opinion and never being afraid to speak his mind as his mother always taught him. According to his mother she always saw something different in Ceiz that set him apart from his other brothers. Little did he know that his life would soon be changed forever. At the young tender age of 10, Ceiz lost his mother to an ongoing battle of Cancer. With a heart full of pain and a mind blinded by anger Ceiz began to jot down his feelings of deep hurt and pain on paper; that was the day a star was born. Ceiz began writing heart felt rhymes questioning life and Gods right and reason for taking his mother from him. By the age 11 Ceiz had written more then 30 rhymes and by 13 he had written numerous raps from life, death, and growing up in the unforgiving streets of Jersey City. With a burning desire to make it in the music industry and a deep love for the culture of hip-hop, Ceiz patiently waits to be heard my the masses and change the game forever.

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