Posted May 22, 2014 by Unique in Media

Toni Braxton Explains Why She Charges Her Children Rent [Video]

It sounds crazy to some but it’s actually a dope way to teach your kids financial responsibility.

During a sit down with Queen Latifah the the 46-year-old singer/reality star shared that she charges her children rent and utilities in order to help prepare her sons for when they enter the real world.

They get $10 and $12 a week and they pay me–one pays me $1 and the other pays me $2. They have to pay 75 cents for gas and electric, 50 cents for cable and things like that


Really creative approach of teaching your child the value of a dollar. Toni Braxton is currently promoting her memoir, Unbreak My Heart. The book details her tumultuous career in the limelight, from selling over 60 million records worldwide, to navigating through personal heartbreak, health issues and bankruptcy.

Check out her interview with Queen Latifah below.

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