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Mark Cuban Comments on Prejudice May Have Offended a Few People (Details)

in the light of the Sterling situation, it has brought notice to the players and owners that the league is not done improving. After his racial comments to his mistress, Sterling is not trying to fight back to keep his team through the legal system. ESPN decided to sit with Mark Cuban about this particular situation and his thoughts about it. Cuban feels like forcing Sterling to sell is not helping the situation but more so sweeping it under a rug.

I’ll try to give them a chance to improve themselves, because I think that helping people improve their lives, helping people engage with people they may fear or may not understand, and helping people realize that while we all may have our prejudices and bigotries we have to learn that it’s an issue that we have to control, that it’s part of my responsibility as an entrepreneur to try to solve it, not just to kick the problem down the road

The part that really struck a cord with readers is Cuban comparison in being prejudice. Here’s what Cuban had to say:

I mean, we’re all prejudiced in one way or another. If I see a black kid in a hoodie and it’s late at night, I’m walking to the other side of the street. And if on that side of the street, there’s a guy that has tattoos all over his face — white guy, bald head, tattoos everywhere — I’m walking back to the other side of the street. And the list goes on of stereotypes that we all live up to and are fearful of. So in my businesses, I try not to be hypocritical. I know that I’m not perfect. I know that I live in a glass house, and it’s not appropriate for me to throw stones.

How do you feel about these comments? Did they offend you or make you look at Mark Cuban differently? Or do you agree with his logics. Leave us your thoughts below.

Source: ESPN