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Kevin Hart Defends Girlfriend Eniko After Ex-Wife Torrei Hart Calls Her A Homewreck During Recent ET Interview [Photo] [Video]

Back in February Kevin Hart gave a personal interview with Celebrity News site Necole Bitchie in which he stated how stepping out on his marriage made him a better man.

When I say ‘make me a better man,’ [I mean] I didn’t respect the title of marriage. I got married young, and sometimes when you do things young, you act immature. You act accordingly to the young situation that you jumped into. So I was all over the place. Mentally I wasn’t ready. And I guess you could say my maturity level was nowhere near where it was supposed to be at the time. So going through those problems and doing the things that I did and arguing the way that we argued basically made me shine the light on myself and I stepped out of that situation because I didn’t like the man that I became. And I didn’t want to prevent her from doing what she wanted to do in life, which is move on and go onwards and upwards.

For some time now Kevin has been very vocal in his support for ex-wife Torrei Hart career and has even spoken on the friendship the two cultivated after their divorce.

But during a interview with Entertainment Tonight’s Rocsi Diaz Torrie Hart, star of VH1’s upcoming reality show Atlanta Exes, did not mince words about her ex-husband.

The new reality star voiced that the reason she and Kevin ended their relationship was because of infidelity after an alleged affair with his current girlfriend, Eniko Parrish. Torrie also admitted that there was a time she wanted to punch Eniko in the face and that the fact her two children have to be around the woman who she believes wrecked her happy home adds to her frustration.

While Torrei blames Eniko, Kevin says his current girl has NOTHING to do with their break-up and that his ex-wife needs to move on.

In a series of tweets he put out after the interview aired Hart made it known that he tries to build a positive relationship with Torrei’s new boyfriend and that dishing out $20,000 a month and being a good father to their children STILL isn’t enough for her.


Check out the Kevin Harts tweets in the gallery above as well as Torrei’s interview with Rocsi below.

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