Posted May 21, 2014 by DJ Enuff in ThatsEnuff

A Must Read: ‘2 Halves Make Me Whole’ by Tiffany D. Taylor (Details)

2 Halves Make Me Whole is a charming look at the life of a little boy named Jackson, who chronicles his journey with parents who are effectively co-parenting nearly a thousand miles apart. Enjoy with your kiddos! Go over to www.2hmmw.com to enter and get all the raffle details!


This is a must read for some children in our world to read. It talks about coming up in a co-parenting family and how it can still be a loving environment for the child. Matter of fact, some parents needs to read this book as well. “2 Halves Make Me Whole” by Tiffany D. Taylor. Check out the book.

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