Posted May 20, 2014 by BlueMagic in ThatsEnuff

Student Might Not Walk at Graduation for Writing ‘Back That A** Up’ Scientifically in the Yearbook Quote (Details) [Photo]

Paris Gray is a Senior at Mundy’s Mill High School who is Senior Class President, as well as a member of both SADD and the Beta club. Unfortunately for her, she might not be able to walk with class because a smart remark in her yearbook quote using Periodic Elements was actually deciphered. Her quote in the yearbook was:

When the going gets tough Barium Carbon Potassium Thorium Astatine Arsenic Sulfer Utranium Phospheros

The school is OD’n though because they in-school suspended her during senior week while her classmates had fun. Now they discussing keeping her from walking. If you want to know what quote means check it out in the gallery lol.