Posted May 20, 2014 by Unique in Entertainment News

If Family Intervention Fails Make It A Reality Show? Master P Reportedly Planning Reality Series About Family Turmoil

From YBF:

You’d think that life for Master P got easier once he left the projects of New Orleans for the California sun…but it didn’t.  Although he reportedly worth hundreds of millions of dollars (via the not-always-credible CelebrityNetworth.com) and lives in Beverly Hills, life ain’t easy by Sunset Boulevard.

In the past few months, we’ve “learned” about a nasty divorcehis wife’s alleged drug abuse and welfare claims and one of his daughter’s went missing.   Again….this all happened in the past five months.  Is his life really that drama filled?  Especially since we’ve rarely heard of any type of drama from this family before now?

That question might be answered once he finds someone to snap up his proposed reality series.  Yes….a reality show.  And according to reports, he’s planning to shop the already captured footage to VH1, BET and more.

Now that word is out about Master P filming a docu-series, we have to ask if all of this drama is being manufactured for the camera.  Seriously….who shoots a YouTube video of their kids questioning their mother’s parenting skills?

Is the entire family thirsty for fame?   They wouldn’t be the first…

So leave your thoughts.