Posted May 19, 2014 by Unique in Entertainment News

T.I. Denies Relationship Rumors WIth Alleged Mistress

Madame Noire reports that last week, a photo surfaced of T.I. and a woman by the name of Lexxy, who gossip page The Shade Room identified as a well-known groupie. According to the page, Lexxy alleged that she spent this past Mother’s Day with the “Rubberband Man” rapper, who supposedly cooked her dinner.

TEA ALERT: Oh my….a well-known groupie in her circle, Lexyy, just posted a picture of her and T.I. @troubleman31 to her Facebook page,” the gossip page wrote. “In the caption, she claimed T.I. cooked her dinner last night. We were like, say what??? Last night was Mother’s Day! However, there is food on the counter, they are in the kitchen of somebody’s house, and they have the red plastic cup sitting on the counter and there might be some DRANKKK in it […] The story isn’t far-fetched, since rumors have been going around about issues in his marriage with Tiny.”

But now the Family Hustle star is setting the record straight as he tells TMZ Lexxy definitely is not his mistress and that he had never actually meet Lexxy prior to the day the photograph was taken.

TMZ reports:

T.I. did not sleep with a random “blonde” chick on Mother’s Day … so says T.I. AND the woman whose photograph with the rapper triggered the rumors in the first place.

Alexis Lacey posted a photo online of herself in T.I.’s house last weekend which led people to believe she was a side piece. It didn’t help that all the photos T.I.’s wife, Tiny posted that day did not include him.

T.I. tells us he didn’t lay a hand on the woman … he had never seen her before that day … and he has not seen her since.

We also spoke to Lacey (who also goes by Lexxy) and she says she was at T.I.’s house with a friend and NOTHING happened between them.

So, according to all parties involved … nothing to see here.