Posted May 19, 2014 by Marie-D in Entertainment News

Beyoncé Checks Rachel Roy For Flirting With Jay Z [Details Inside]

Beyonce is not one to mess with when it comes to her husband.

E! News reports that the “Bow Down” singer confronted Rachel Roy because she was a little too friendly with her husband at the Met Gala. Which prompted the altercation in the elevator between Jay and Solange.

Rachel was being very flirtatious with Jay and once everyone entered the Boom Boom Room the flirtation elevated. Bey decided to put an end to the nonsense by approaching the fashion designer to let her know that her behavior is out of line and very disrespectful. Then Solange came over to back her sister up. Which explains the gossip about Solange yelling at Rachel during the Met Gala.

Jay was not having it and took a shot at the sisters and according to sources he said some pretty disrespectful things to Solange and Bey and THAT’S WHY Solange went ham on Jay in the elevator.

And there you have it folks!!