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#IKEBoy Corey Drumz ‘Can’t Crucify Me’ [Audio]

Corey Drumz is the founder/CEO of #IKEBoy Music Group LLC, from Hollis Queens NYC.

The founding member of the highly respected and sought after 90’s NYC underground hip-hop group Total Pack, then performing under the name CeStyle, Corey Drumz was signed to various major and indie labels (Columbia, Wild Pitch & others), was a member of some of the times most notable hip-hop crews (Hit Squad & Serchlite Mob), made regular weekly freestyle appearances on some of NY most influential College Radio shows, co-signed by the great Mr. Magic himself and featured with write-ups in major publications. Always recognised as one of hip-hop’s most talented MC’s, Corey has seen his share of successes and struggles in the music industry as well as in the real world, and brings his experiences to life in his music. Corey Drumz is also the youngest son of BMI award winning song writer/composer Larry Banks and soul singer Jaibi.

Throughout his career, Corey has been highly respected and recognised for his skill as an artist but has had problems finding labels that were willing to develope and market his form of street gritty-NY style hip-hop, so in 2004 after the independent release of his album “Amnesia: Cuz Y’all N%ggaz 4got”, he changed his stage name from CeStyle to Corey Drumz and formed the company Iron Kladd Entertainment Inc. more popularly known as I.K.E. Under the I.K.E. brand, Corey released 12 mixtapes which led to rebranding himself, company and movement.

In summer 2012, Corey Drumz completed his stage name adding Original #IKEBoy to the beginning, starting a new era of his music career Then after a brief jail stay on Rikers Island for assault, Drumz returned home in Feb. 2013, formed #IKEBoy Music Group LLC with his partner/manager Thomas “Tonka Amun” Williams and began to once again perform thru-out the tri-state area

Corey Drumz just completed a new music video “Caligula”, which is due to drop online, and is currently recording a new album and has developed from a hip-hop artist into a complete hip-hop personality able to take on many roles.

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