Posted May 14, 2014 by Unique in Entertainment News

Rumor Control: Solange DID NOT Delete Beyoncé From Her Instagram [Photo]

So earlier this week every news outlet reported that Solange deleted all except one photo of her sister Beyonce after the footage of the the altercation between her and Jay leaked. Ummm but truth is that was a lie.

The “only photo of Beyoncé left on Solange’s Instagram” reportedly was one of the two at a Roc Nation brunch 15 months ago. But many clearly by passed the the other photos of the sister’s from her instagram ranging from 5-21 months. Oh and FYI her Instagram has never had many photos of Bey.

Now the photo Solange posted on the night of the Met Gala does appear to have been deleted but come on guys who doesn’t delete a photo their IG now a days and since when did they need a reason.

Check out the sisterly love in the gallery above.