Posted May 14, 2014 by Marie-D in Entertainment News

Lamar Odom Denied At The Club While French Montana And Khloe Kardashian Party Inside [Video]

Lamar Odom was turned away Tuesday night at an LA nightclub.

The NBA player was rejected from West Hollywood venue Penthouse because his estranged wife Khloe Kardashian was inside partying with her new boyfriend French Montana. According to sources, they were afraid that he’d start a brawl French and wanted to avoid any altercation.

According to TMZ:

Our photographer spotted Lamar rolling up to the club with a few friends. But when Lamar got to the door, he hit 2 big snags — Khloe and French Montana.

Lamar and his friends stood there for a few minutes and left in defeat. Watch Lamar recoil in controlled anger when someone mentions French Montana.
French Montana was the special guest last night … French even posted a photo to his Instagram page of him with Kim Kardashian with the caption “Shout out to my BFF @kimkardashian for coming out tonight party was turnt up.”

It’s unclear if Khloe or French had anything to do with Lamar getting denied — but there was a giant clue in the form of an E! camera crew … that just happened to be outside to shoot Lamar getting turned away.


Although Khloe may look happy with French, RadarOnline reports that she’s not fully able to enjoy her romance or immerse herself in it with the situation still hanging over her head.

‘While Khloé is very happy with French – because he treats her like a queen – she isn’t fully able to enjoy it because Lamar still hasn’t submitted a response in their divorce proceedings,’ a source tells the website.

Watch Lamar get rejected in the video below: