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Florida Cop Caught On Camera Kicking Restrained 13 Yr Old Boy [Video] [Photo]

The family of a 13-year-old Florida boy plans to file a complaint against police after a video posted online shows a cop kicking the teen to the ground while is hands were apparently restrained behind him. The teenager, Keven Jean Baptiste, said his legs were kicked out from under him after police were called to the Boynton Beach street where he was tossed off a school bus for refusing to close a window.

Jean Baptiste said he has asthma and opened the window because he had trouble breathing after a classmate sprayed perfume. But the ordeal escalated after cops arrived and cuffed Jean Baptiste.  “They said don’t speak when I was spoken to,” he told reporters, according to WSVN-TV.

The teen said he kept talking after an officer told him to be quiet when the cop suddenly “slammed me, simple as that.” The video, recorded by a student on the bus, shows an officer approach the teen from behind before knocking him to the ground in a leg sweep. Jean Baptiste said the officer then drove him to school.
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Source: NY Daily News