Posted May 14, 2014 by Luis Mercado in Sports

Doc Rivers Yelled At Oklahoma City Thunder Owner After Controversial Call [Video]

Doc Rivers was very upset about the losing last nights game. Especially after a controversial call that he believes should have given the Los Angeles Clippers the ball, and ultimately the basketball game.

According to Marc Stein of Yahoo! Sports he didn’t just berate the referees after the game. He went off on Oklahoma City Thunder owner Clay Bennett as well.

Doc Rivers marched out of the locker room late Tuesday with fury in his eyes. He headed toward the interview room only to spot Oklahoma City Thunder owner Clay Bennett walking past in the hallway.

“Wow!” Rivers yelled at Bennett. “Why can’t we get the right replay?”

Bennett, perhaps still stunned by his unlikely change in fortune, didn’t say a word in response and just kept walking.

He took t out during the post game press conference.

“It was our ball. Everybody knows that it was our ball. I think the bottom line they thought it was a foul and they made up for it. In my opinion, let’s take away replay. Let’s take away the replay system because that’s our ball. We win the game and we got robbed because of that play.

“It’s clear. Everybody in the arena saw it. That is why everybody was shocked when they said Oklahoma City [ball]. That was our ball.”

Check out the game and the press conference below. Tell us what you think.