Posted May 10, 2014 by Devon Watkis in Sports

Kenny Britt Back in Trouble After A Sex Clip Was Posted From His IG

Kenny Britt is back in trouble again, at least for now.

The disorderly wide receiver for the St Louis Rams is in the hot seat angin after a sex clip was posted from his Instagram.

The post was deleted but the caption read; “Once you hear dat…it’s a rap”.

The couple in the video has not been identified and it is not clear whether or not Britt actually posted the video himself.

There will definitely be an investigation done by the Rams and possibly by the NFL since this is not Britt’s first incident.

For those wondering yes, Britt is married and unless he got hacked he is going to be in trouble with his wife regardless if it is her in the video or not.

It is hard for me to fathom someone being careless enough to post a video like this, especially being in the position that he is in. With that being said we all know their are some people who just don’t give a damn.

Let us know what you think about this whole situation.