Posted May 6, 2014 by Marie-D in Entertainment News

Tyrese Blames Reality TV & Blogs For Ruining Happy Relationships

According to singer Tyrese, blogs, magazines and reality TV shows are breaking up happy homes. Instead of exploiting relationships that are deteriorating, he feels that the media should celebrate healthy relationships.

In a personal video he explained:

“Blogs and websites, press and media, they got a job to do. They do. But unfortunately, a lot of married couples don’t end up on the cover of some of our favorite magazines until they file for divorce, which makes getting a divorce way more popular than the marriages that are actually working, that are still functioning, that are happy and beautiful.”

“There should be more magazines and more media and press attention around husbands and wives and marriages and families that are functioning and doing well. Happy, beautiful and amazing. We should highlight love and beauty and things that are working versus just being so focused on the things that aren’t working. That’s how I feel.”

He also went on to say that the impacts these shows have are nothing but the ‘the devil’s work’:

That is not your f**ing marriage. Those are not your issues. That is not your situation. You have what you have with your husband. That is your family. Those are your kids. That is your situation that you created. So, the fact that you’re allowing these outside images and reality TV shows and blogs and websites and all of this negative stuff that is being constantly fed on all social media [and] all over television everywhere to influence how you feel about your husband, your own family, or your wife is wrong,” he reasoned. “I believe it is a direct orchestration of the devil’s work. That’s how I feel. That’s my opinion.” “Think of how many arguments were sparked and created from some sh*t you seen on TV,” he continued. –

Tyrese is definitely on to something! Watch the video below and tell us your thoughts!