Posted May 6, 2014 by Marie-D in Entertainment News

Dwyane Wade Won’t Let Sons See Mom On Mother’s Day

Dwyane Wade is refusing to have the two boys dropped off at their mother’s house on May 11th for Mother’s Day. Forcing his ex-wife Siovaughn to file for an emergency  hearing to see her sons.

Why is he doing this?

According to attorney claims… to annoy her thats why!

Anything Dwyane and his lawyers do to make my client’s life a living hell, they do,” said the Boca Raton-based family-law guru Lisa Macci. “They’ve announced their intention of denying her a court-ordered Mother’s Day visitation, so I’m filing an emergency motion to force them to hand her the children on Mother’s Day.”

Siovaughn and Dwyane have been back in forth in court since their divorce in 2007. Estimated cost issue of divorce to Wade have been over $10 million and climbing.

This situation is just messy!