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President Obama Mocks CNN’s Malaysia Coverage, Richard Sherman During White House Correspondents Dinner

The annual dinner of the White House Correspondents’ Association took place Saturday night (May 3rd). Hollywood celebrities, government officials, media personalities and journalist were all in attendance at the annual dinner celebrating its 100th year.

Journalists were honored for their coverage of the presidency and national issues:

-Glenn Thrush of Politico and Brianna Keilar of CNN won the Aldo Beckman Award, which recognizes excellence in the coverage of the presidency.

-Peter Baker of The New York Times and Peter Maer of CBS News won the Merriman Smith Award for deadline coverage.

-Megan Twohey of Reuters and a partnership between The Center for Public Integrity’s Chris Hamby and ABC News’ Matthew Mosk and Brian Ross won the Edgar A. Poe Award for coverage of issues of national significance.

-George E. Condon Jr. of National Journal received the first President’s Award for exceptional service to the organization.

The organization also honored the late Harry McAlpin, the first black reporter to attend a presidential news conference, by establishing a scholarship in his name. McAlpin had been denied membership to the WHCA while covering the Roosevelt and Truman administrations because of his race.

The highlight of the evening was when President Obama took the stage to prove yet again, that he is the funniest President around. During his speech, POTUS mocked the Republicans, MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, Congress, and so much more.

Here are a few specific highlights from the speech.

  • “Between Two Ferns” – Obama did his entire routine between two ferns, and defended his decision to appear in the Zach Galifianakis web video.
  • HealthCare.gov – Of course, there were plenty of jokes at the expense of that website … and for good reason.
  • CNN’s coverage of Malaysia Flight 370 – To be fair, this is all CNN has talked about for a while.
  • Richard Sherman – This was a funny idea, but Obama’s Sherman probably leaves a little bit to be desired.
  • Chris Christie – Obama made a joke about Washington DC traffic, and tied it back to what happened back in Christie’s home state.
  • Rick Perry – Obama has not forgotten about some of Perry’s past comments on him.

Check out the clip below:


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