Posted May 3, 2014 by Devon Watkis in Sports

V. Stiviano Finally Talks, Calling Donald Sterling a “Generous and Kind Man”[Video]

V. Stiviano the “assistant” to LA Clipper Owner and Racist Donald Sterling finally spoke out yesterday in an interview with Barbara Walters.

In the interview Stiviano talks about her relationship with Sterling, admits to recording the conversation and shares how it got released and tries to explain why Sterling is not a racist.

Check out the interview below.


I understand most bosses have a close relationship with their assistants but I’ve never heard of any non side piece getting paid off the books.

She also tried to blame one of her friends for leaking the tape but why are you recording convos in the first place? There are ALOT of holes in her story.

Lets us know what you think of the interview.