Posted May 2, 2014 by Marie-D in Entertainment News

Say What?! Robin Thicke Reportedly Hooks Up With 5 Women In On Night

Looks like Robin Thicke is giving up already!

According to Life & Style the R&B singer has been living like a bachelor at the estranged couple’s marital home.

Paula Patton announced her separation from Robin back in back in February. And the singer made it clear that he was going to win his baby back.

“Ya’ll know I’m going through a separation, but I’m not going without a fight”, Robin told his audience during a February concert. Now either Paula has put her foot down and there is no chance for reconciliation or Robin simply gave up.

According to sources, Robin invited 10 woman back to his place for a “no-pants party”, after a turning up at 1Oak night club. When the ladies arrived to his place, Robin stripped down to his boxers and started serving everyone drinks.

And get this….

All of the girls were sitting on his bed, some were naked and he asked to kiss them on a lip. He kissed five of them in a row. Some of the ladies left, however some stayed. The insider revealed that it was uncomfortable to watch. Robin did not force anything on any of the ladies; however it was clear that he wanted to have sex with everyone there.

No confirmation on if these allegations are true, but we all know Robin love the ladies!