Posted May 2, 2014 by BlueMagic in New Artist Spot Light

Ran$haw ft. Reese Rel ‘Work’ (Produced by DJ Dougie) [Video]

If it wasn’t for music, I wouldn’t look at life importantly as much as I do now.

says Ran$haw.

His government is Randy Shaw. 18 years old straight from Philadelphia, small place name Uptown. Living there is the influence of his lyrical writing. Just straight raw, uncut and realistic. Ran$haw wanted to rap since age 7 when he heard 50 Cent’s first album (Get Rich Or Die Tryin’).

I found a hobby I can enjoy. It happens that that’s the best thing I know how to do, so why not take that and run with it? Right now I am not comfortable where I’m at. I won’t be comfortable until I win a Grammy.

Ran$haw feels like he’s underrated and overlooked. His latest project is called “ALLURE” which he claims is an urban street album that you would love.

If I was to get that one shot, I know I will make history, this world will remember me.

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