Posted May 1, 2014 by Tabby T in Lifestyle

11 Things You Can Look Forward To About ‘Single Life’ [Photo]

Dont get discouraged single folks! There is in fact an up-side to the ‘single life’  apart from not having anyone to answer to. For reasons that are utterly beyond us, single life gets a bad rep. But don’t let its ragged-upon reputation fool you: Being single is not all crippling-cat-lady loneliness and calls from your mother about the status of your love life.

For those of us recently out of a long-term relationship, being single can be liberating: Once the sting of heartbreak wears off, you start to realize that being by yourself isn’t the end of the world — and that calling all the shots in your life, without any outside influence from your ex, feels really, really good. Check it out below! & let us know what you think.


1. “Your days of being alone with someone sitting right there next to you are officially over.”

2. “The arguments cease to exist. You may have lost your ex, but you gain a sense of peace and a chance at being happy by yourself — or maybe with someone else.”

3. “You can breathe again. Also, having the bed to yourself? Pure joy.”

4. “Rejoice! You can now spend money on anything you want– including things your ex would have frowned upon and considered wasteful.”

5. “You now have the opportunity to create whatever future you want for yourself.”

6. “Best. Sex. Ever.”

7. “That remote control is all yours. I no longer have to change the channel every time her soap opera comes on.”

8. “Being pushed around, lied to, cheated on, and emotionally abused are a thing of the past. The best thing, though, is finding real love, and finally feeling safe, both physically and emotionally.”

9. “Honest talk here: If it was rough toward the end with your ex, it’s a relief not having to wake up every morning to see the biggest mistake of your life.”

10. “The best thing is getting to be yourself again. I’m now learning to love myself first.”

11. “You have another chance to learn from your faults — and the opportunity to be a lot more careful the next time you choose your partner.”

Source: Huffington