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Meek Mill Civil-Rights Lawsuit Against Philly Police Department Under Way (Details)

When Hurricane Sandy happened back in 2012, a lot of airports closed down and flights was cancelled. This forced the hand of Meek Mill who had a show to do in Atlanta. Instead of taking the L and canceling his appearance, with good reason, Meek made the extra effort and booked a private jet from Philly to Atlanta trying to make his gig. That didn’t go down like he planned unfortunately. Meek car was pulled over by city police where Meek and his people was arrested.

But he and his entourage never made the $22,500 charter flight. Instead, Mill and three others, including a senior vice president of the Warner Brothers music label, were arrested and detained for about 10 hours after a North Philadelphia traffic stop triggered by the darkly tinted windows of their Range Rover SUV.

Meek testified yesterday (April 28th) in the first day of his case. Here’s what Meek Mill had to say about that night:

In neighborhoods like where I come from, four black males in a car, … we’re always being asked to be searched. All I was doing that night was going to work and doing what I had to do.

The officers claimed that their dogs smelled weed in the car but when the car was eventually searched, no drugs was found. It also should be noted that the lead police officer of the arrest is no longer with the department.

Andre Boyer, has since been fired after earning the dubious distinction of racking up the most civilian complaints in the department. An internal police memo shown in court Tuesday described him as a “very aggressive narcotics officer” whose reports were riddled with errors.

At the police station one officer took a picture of Meek Mill in handcuffs which eventually circulated all over the internet. Another female officer also took a picture and posted to her Instagram according to Meek lawsuit.

You can read the full story courtesy of ABC News.