Posted April 29, 2014 by Luis Mercado in Sports

Fired Golden State Warriors Assistant Secretly Recorded Conversations During Tenure

Remember when Golden State Warriors head coach Mark Jackson announced he had let go of an assistant for not apparent reason.

According to Chris Broussard of ESPN the reason assistant Darren Erman was let go is because he was secretly recording conversations, speeches and warmups throughout his time there.

Sources said Erman, who was coach Mark Jackson’s second assistant, would record coaches’ meetings, meetings between the coaches and players, and informal discussions among coaches that took place in the team’s coaches room — all without the participants’ knowledge.

“He was taping everything,” one source said. “Taping pregame speeches wouldn’t have been that bad, but he was taping guys just sitting around talking in the coaches’ office.”

Sometimes Erman would be present during the tapings. Other times, he would leave the room and leave his phone behind to record conversations the other coaches were having.

It is unclear what Erman did with the recordings. The sources weren’t sure if he shared them with the club’s owners or front office executives.

Crazy. I am curious to hear why he would be doing these things.