Posted April 29, 2014 by Tabby T in Lifestyle

5 Things NOT To Do In New York City [Photo]

5 Things Not To Do In NYC! Complements of BigAppled. With all the speculation around New Yorkers, and the city on what happens here these pointers seems just about accurate. New York City is constantly flowing with new people, coming and going every minute of every day. Most of them don’t know the lowdown on how to behave in this wonderful, yet intricate place. Check out the “survival guide” below & let us know what YOU think!

Rule #1 – Do not refer to the train lines by their color.

Always use the number or letter of the train when speaking to others. To be more clear, the “1, 2, and 3,” should not be referred to as the “red line.” In addition,  please don’t call it the “2 subway.” The system in its entirety is called the “Subway.” Each individual one should be called a “train.” Lastly,  please keep mind that nobody calls the entire system of trains, the ”Underground,” or the “Metro.” It’s just the “Subway.”

Rule #2 – Do not refer to pizza as “New York pizza.” It’s just pizza! 

It’s different if you find yourself in another state, like Florida, and want to find some good “New York” pizza. However, all pizza in New York is just simply pizza.  It is also advised that you should never tell someone in New York that you prefer another style of pizza. Especially Chicago pizza. You’ll be kicked outta town, following an intensely heated argument.

Rule #3 – Do not wear apparel clothing with “I Heart NY” slogan. 

One of the worst things you can do in New York, is wear an article of clothing that says, “I Heart NY.” The only good thing about those shirts is that you can get them 5 for $10 in some places, especially if the store owner understands you’re not a tourist. However, if you feel you have to wear something that says NY on it, wear a Yankees cap.

Rule #4 – Do not cut people when waiting on line for something.

If you want to avoid injury, form a line and stay there until you get to the front. This basic tip of etiquette is especially important here as New Yorkers hate having to wait longer than they need to. Some advice: when you’re getting on a bus or walking up to the metro turnstile, always have your metro card in hand, ready for action. In other words, don’t make people wait.

Rule #5 – Do not upstream cabs. Taxi cabs are first-come, first-serve.

Another critical rule of NYC etiquette: Don’t steal someone else’s cab! Taxi hailing is territorial. To avoid any unwanted confrontations, don’t try to hail a cab next to someone who was standing there first. Go find an empty space and claim it as yours. Make sure you don’t just head up a few feet up the street to get a cab in front of that person. Head downstream and wait for the next one.

Remember though, don’t stress  it. New York is full of great people! You’ll have memories that will last a lifetime.