Posted April 28, 2014 by Luis Mercado in Sports

The Very Latest On Owner Donald Sterling: Doc Refuses To Speak With Sterling, Coach Calls For Boycott

Every update on the scandal revolving Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling will be updated on this post (to refrain from drowning your feeds with multiple stories on him.)

If you have been hiding under a rock, Sterling made some racist comments toward blacks in a conversation with his ex-girlfriend that was leaked to the media. This caused many in the sports and media world to react. Including President Barack Obama.

Clippers even held a small boycotting of the words as they put their warmup shirts inside out, and threw their warmup jackets at half court.

I wrote a story detailing some of Sterling’s past. You can read that here.

Clippers showed up to play Saturday, but their heart didn’t seem into it as they lost 118-97 to the Golden State Warriors.

Now here are the updates:

  • Rivers may not return to coach next season if Sterling continues as owner. When asked whether he would be back to L.A.’s sidelines in 2014-15 if Sterling was still the owner, Rivers said, “Don’t know yet. And I’m just (going) to leave it at that.” – ESPN’s Marc Stein
  • Donald Trump had some interesting things to say about the situation.
    “He got set up by a very, very bad girlfriend, let’s face it,” Trump said on Fox News’s “Fox & Friends” of Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

    “She’s called the girlfriend from hell, but what he said was terrible and despicable and very strong action is going to be taken. There’s no question about it,” Trump said of Sterling’s girlfriend, who has been identified as V. Stiviano. “She’s a terrible human being and he gave horrible answers and disgusting answers.” – Politico
  • “NAACP will no longer make Donald Sterling the recipient of the 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award (for the second time). – USA Today
  • Sterling’s wife commented on the matter:
    “I do not condone those statements that you heard,” Sterling’s statement read. “I do not believe in them. I am not a racist. I never have been, I never will be. The team is the most important thing to my family.” – Sports Illustrated
  • Magic Johnson wants to by the Clippers:
    “Magic Johnson and his billionaire backers, the Guggenheim Partners, want a chance to purchase the Los Angeles Clippers, league sources told Yahoo Sports. “Magic’s absolutely interested,” one source closely connected to Johnson’s business interests told Yahoo Sports on Sunday night.To bail themselves out of the NBA’s worst crisis of credibility since the Tim Donaghy officiating scandal, the easy part for the NBA will be enlisting the eagerness and financial muscle of Magic Johnson and Mark Walter of the Guggenheim Partners – owners of the Los Angeles Dodgers.Make no mistake: Magic’s Dodgers group is angling for a Southern California sports empire. Magic Johnson and Guggenheim had been aggressive in pursuing a purchase of the Los Angeles Lakers – only to have the Buss family make clear to them the franchise isn’t for sale, sources told Yahoo Sports.”This is 100 percent Magic’s plan,” a league official intimately involved in the buying and selling of franchises told Yahoo Sports. – Yahoo! Sports
  • NBA has called a Tuesday news conference to announce the findings in its investigation of Sterling’s audio.
  • Lost sponsorships due to comments: CarMax, Virgin America, AQUA Hydrate, Kia, State Farm (which included Chris Paul in many of their famous commercials) – Complex
  • Mark Jackson calls for fan boycott in Game 5 on Tuesday night. “I believe if it was me, I wouldn’t come to the game. I believe the fans, the loudest statement that they can make as fans is to not show up to the game.” – NBA.com
  • Comments made by Sterling’s wife Shelly as she responded to asking if her husband was racist. “OF COURSE NOT.” – TMZ
  • Larry Johnson calls for an all-black league on Twitter. “Black people your Focusing on the wrong thing. We should be focusing on having our own, Own team own League! To For Self!!”
  • Sterling’s son-in-law Eric Miller made comments about the situation. “I find the statements and representations made by the Clippers’ team owner to be deplorable and disgusting.  There is no room in sports or society in general, for racism. I pledge my full support for the wonderful players, coaches and staff members of the Clippers organization.  I have complete faith that Commissioner Silver will deal with this matter swiftly and severely. If these comments should happen to cost me my employment with the team, it is but a small price to pay to speak out against ignorance and racism.” – TMZ
  • Miami Heat also wear their warmups in protest before game 4. @Sportscenter