Posted April 25, 2014 by Aichaaa in Entertainment News

Mariah Carey Covers Billboard & Talks Upcoming Album [Details]

For the last three years, Mariah Carey has been working on her upcoming, 14th studio album. In her Billboard cover story, Mimi and her manager, Jermaine Dupri, discuss the project and the bumpy ride it’s been in putting it together. Carey also talks collaborators, her singles that haven’t done too well, and the possibility of returning to television.

With this new album, Mariah plans to reveal the title, track listing, artwork and music all at once via to-be-announced digital partners. A physical release at retail will be the following week. Mariah stated,

“I have to be the one that announces this, especially the title,” Carey says, noting that the album takes its name from a “personal possession of mine that’s part of an entity that I’ve had almost all my life.”

You’re probably guessing that she’s pulling a Beyonce. Well you’re right. But if it works, go for it! Personally, I’m looking forward to new music from Mimi. Hopefully this album meets a whole lot more success than Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel.

The full cover story is out on Monday.