Posted April 23, 2014 by Luis Mercado in Sports

Tampa Bay Rays Yuniel Escobar Strikes Out On 4-2 Count Despite Instant Replay [Video]

Sometimes your eyes can deceive you. Sometimes they deceive you twice.

That’s because last night during a game against the Minnesota Twins, the umpires got confused and game the pitcher an extra ball (pause), to play with.

Even with instant replay they couldn’t get the call right.

With Yuniel Escobar at the plate he check swung at a pitch. That pitch appeared to have made contact with the bat, but instead bounced off the catchers glove.

You can clearly ask him what the count was after that, and then everybody got confused from there.

Everybody thought it was ball four, except the umpires who checked it on instant replay. After looking at it, the result of the play was that the count was 3-2.

Instead of Escobar being at first base, he struck out.


To Major League Baseball’s defense they did admit the mistake after the game in a statement.

”An error was made when replay officials and supervisors mistakenly thought one of the pitches was a foul ball when it was actually a ball.”

Check out the confusing play below.