Posted April 22, 2014 by Luis Mercado in Sports

MLB Suspends Four After Pirates Brewers Brawl

Four people were suspended by Major League Baseball after a huge brawl on Sunday.

Milwaukee Brewers catcher Martin Maldanado was suspended five games, Carlos Gomez three games, Travis Snider two games after catching a right hook into the face and Russell Martin only one game.

Martin challenged Maldanado to a celebrity fight after admitting he was still being fired up about the incident.

“I don’t mind Gomez throwing punches to kind of defend himself. I have a problem with somebody that throws a punch at somebody that’s defenseless. In Travis’ case, when he’s getting pulled off of somebody, which Ricky was doing his job, pulling Travis off Gomez, but when you’re in a headlock and somebody’s throwing a punch at you, it’s kind of hard to get out of the way. I definitely do have a problem with that.

“It would be fun to see how Maldonado acts if it was a one-on-one type of situation, see if he’s the same type of guy. Maybe we can arrange an offseason, you know, we can raise some money for charity and we can battle it out, me and him, and have no teammates around for protection,” he said.

“I’m throwing it out there. If he wants to do that, if he wants to go and have a fight for charity in the offseason, my contract comes up at the end of the season, so before I sign a contract, I can do whatever I want. I’d be completely willing to do that, so if he’s up for that, I’m down.”

The two teams will play each other again in Milwaukee on May 13-16.