Posted April 22, 2014 by Tat Wza in News

Emmis And Funk Flex Announce New Partnership For Digital

Funk Flex New deal
Dope!! Emmis, the parent company of WQHT Hot97, is now invested with Flex in ‘Flexco’, taking things to a whole new level!!

Tat Wza

It’s no secret over the last few years Funk has built a phenomenal presence in the Digital space with IFWT, and the Dj Funk Flex App! So Emmis is tapping Flex’s talent by investing in him to help build fellow personalities digital infrastructure(Sites, apps, and social media) like Angie Martinez’s TheAngieReview.com, Our own Dj Enuff’s ThatsEnuff.com with more to come like the Morning Show’s Ebro Darden.

“We’re thrilled to invest in Flex’s digital assets and work closely with him to continue to innovate in the digital space,” said Patrick Walsh, CFO, COO and Emmis Radio Division President. “Flex has built a successful mobile and online platform that reaches more than 5 million people monthly and he already has started work with other talented Emmis personalities at Hot 97 to expand their digital presence. We expect this partnership to enable us to rapidly expand our digital content offering for our passionate fans and advertisers.”

“Today’s digital world has changed how personalities and DJs interact with listeners and music fans,” Flex said. “We must reinvent ourselves to stay relevant and grow. I jumped in feet first to learn what it takes to create an audience online. The partnership with Emmis provides the foundation we need to turn our brands and personalities into a real digital business. The opportunity to share what I have learned is exciting, and our future lives in doing digital with our biggest brands and best personalities.”

Emmis is definitely serious with a 40% investment of Flexco!