Posted April 22, 2014 by Unique in Media

‘DREAM OR DIE’ Kid Ink Gets Personal With That’s Enuff After Irving Plaza Show [Editorial]

The 28-year-old RCA signees’ music has been flooding the radio waves with his lead singles “Show Me” and “Main Chick”, both featuring R&B singer Chris Brown, off his debut studio album My Own Lane.

Speaking of his own lane the former XXL freshmen feels he’s definitely made his own lane on the main steam level with spins not only on the Hip Hop stations but Pop stations as well. “To be on these pop stations that normally don’t play hip hop artist or the music that I usually listen to, you know? I feel like it definitely something new its different for the game,” he shared with us.

Kid Ink has come a long way since the releases of his first mixtape, World Tour, and performing at Inland Empire out in California. “Well the first performance I did as Kid Ink was at a club [Inland Empire] and it was like a club full of people so it wasn’t like really a show. But I performed there with like two other performers. I did the worst terrible job ever. And from that day on I made it a point to make sure with my shows, I took it just as serious as my music “.

And the LA native has done just that as he sold out the NY leg off his Irving Plaza tour this past Sunday. “I think compared to earlier shows one being like my first New York show people scared me and told me like ‘yo people in New York are really hard on you I don’t know how this show is going to turn out. Don’t be mad if people don’t give you the response you want’ and this and this and that,” as he shed light on his growth as a performing artist. “And we had a great show that time and now we came all the way here to selling out this show and even like performing at the main stage for Summer Jam out here, you know? Its showing the growth and how its spreading deeper then being from the west coast and LA it’s a worldwide thing now.”

So what exactly should one expect when hitting a Kid Ink show? Well in the word of Ink “Expect energy, expect the unexpected” but also expect to see a performer who shows his deep love and admiration for his fans. As he dedicates the last portion of his set to just interacting with his fans from taking a number of selfies to signing just about ever snapback passed his way from the crowd.

After his show at Irving Plaza we got a chance to sit down with Ink to talk about Summer Jam, the first person to ever play his music, his take on why the south and west coast are dominating in the music scene, how being a fan of music inspires his sound and more.

On Summer Jam:

It feels dope! Last year I did the festival stage and I remember doing an interview and just really saying ‘you know they say usually the people that do the festival stage somebody makes it inside and I really hope that’s me this time,’ and we made it hear and when I got the news it was insane. The artist that I’m performing with I think, is just next level. I’m really excited to see that crowd. It’s going to be one of the biggest crowds I’ve ever performed for, being a stadium and it holds so many people. Its just going to be crazy!

How being a fan of music influences his music:

I feel like you got to be a fan you know. I incorporate all the influences from older artist and legends and newer artist. I just feel like you have to be a fan of music in order to not only move with the times but to really take my job serious. I think you just have to look into it deeper then just yourself; I’m a overall musician who loves music not just, I want people love me and everything I do. And I feel like the best way to reach all my fans is to incorporate different sounds and not single myself out to only one type of music. So I definitely try to influences myself in all kinds of different movements music but still making my own so you know I’m not copycatting stuff and just letting people know I understand the music and how they’re going threw the same thing.

The first person to play his music:

The first person to play my music is my manager/co-partner DJ Ill Will. He was the first person to take my project that I put together as a artist and put it out on the internet while he was popping as a DJ and really support me when he didn’t have to and for free when he was charging other people 2-4 racks a cd. So it was pretty dope to have someone support you from  so early on giving you that extra motivation.

Most memorable performance so far:

I think overseas in Paris was probably one of my craziest shows to date, as far as how many people had to be taken out in a ambulance from passing out and how hot it was and how crazy the fans where and how close the actual venue was going to fall down because it was on old pillars and everything! To just have all those fans who don’t really know English to sing all the words it just kind of a pretty great experience.

What he thinks attributes to the success of the South and West Coast in the music industry right now: 

I think what attributes to that success is people from the west coast and people from the south I feel are like doing their own thing. You know not trying to be like every other person from their city but trying to do different sounds and test different things. I think it goes in part with the new generation where the people in the new generation really want to be just brand new and try new things and they’re more eclectic or however you want to say it. Its just more of a different world now. So I think that the west coast and the south are two people who don’t really care about what other people think as far as around the world and just do them… and do it as a team at the same time.

On if he still gets nervous before hitting the stage and how he gets over it:

Of course I think you have to get nervous before hitting the stage and anything you feel like you want to be the best in and really perform your best at. So I think its always that nervous moment of wanting to do your best and it’s not really a scared moment more so then just the over pressure of it.

You hit stage! like once you hit stage it’s like once you start a tattoo. Once that needle hits your skin you got to finish, so once you hit stage you can’t stop, you can’t choke now it’s to late.

Kid Ink rounds out the last leg of his tour , featuring King Los and Bizzy Crook, with stops in Cleveland, Detroit, Indianapolis, Grand Rapids, Toronto, and Chicago.