Posted April 21, 2014 by Luis Mercado in Sports

Pittsburgh Pirates & Milwaukee Brewers Set Off First All Out Brawl Of 2014 MLB Season [Video]

Baseball is a game with many unwritten rules. One of them is to no show up a pitcher after hitting the ball hard, or hitting a home run.

Carlos Gomez of the Milwaukee Brewers didn’t quite get that memo, as pitcher Gerrit Cole of the Pittsburgh Pirates helped ignite an all out brawl at PNC Park last night.

Let me try to explain why this happened.

Cole thought Gomez was staring at his hit way too long. Mind you it almost cost him a triple.

Just after he slid into third, Cole decided to say some choice words to Gomez, in which the Brewers outfielder reacted in rage and proceeded to walk towards the pitcher as the benches cleared, the bullpens emptied, and punches began flying.

This isn’t the first time Gomez has been a part of such an incident as he helped cause a bit of a brawl last season against the Atlanta Braves for doing the same thing.

Honestly, I didn’t think he looked at it that long, but that bat flip was kind of unnecessary.

Cole said after the game,

“I said ‘If you are going to hit a home run you can watch it. If you are going to hit a fly ball to CF don’t watch it'”

While Gomez defended his actions, saying that he flipped the bat in frustration because he thought he made an out.

“I’m not apologizing for nothing I did today….If they don’t like it, it’s fine. I’m with it. It’s not a big deal.”

You be the judge.

Check out the brawl below.