Posted April 21, 2014 by Luis Mercado in Sports

Fan Finds The REAL Arian Foster After Getting Pranked By An Imposter [Photo]

If you want to be a big fan of somebody, the least you could do is recognize what they look like.

It first happened with Dwight Howard. The fake Howard was walking around Wal-Mart when some fans came up to him for a picture. It resulted in a hilarious photo with someone that doesn’t even remotely look like him.

Earlier this month a girl by the name of Jenni Bazard posed with a look-a-like of Arian Foster. She was all excited, tagged him on Twitter, made the picture her avi except one thing. It wasn’t him.

To her defense, it does kind of look like him.

Lucky for her, after posting the picture and getting killed by Twitter, the real Foster met up with her to take a photo with one of his “biggest fans,” and posted it with the following caption.

For being such a good sport about the whole thing, I met up with @j__baz and gave her a picture with the real me.


Check out the photos in the gallery above.