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The Board of Education ‘Get It Right’ [Video]

The Board of Education is a South Jersey hip hop trio consisting of
Emcee Darryl Watson , Producer/Guitarist Ryan Teodoro and
Producer/Saxophonist Mark Thomas. Their sounds mainly are centered in
hip hop but they also dabble in jazz , funk , post dub, to create some
of the most original songs out. Their latest album Psychedelic Grooves
from Outer Space expands upon the diverse influences that can be heard
on that release. Drawing from the Afro-futurist ideas from artists
like Sun Ra and George Clinton, Psychedelic Grooves sees the group
taking a step into the future. The record also takes obvious
influences from the spaced out psych rock of Jason Pierce’s multiple
projects and German bands like Can, as well as the bass heavy dub work
of Scientist. The underlying boom bap provides a canvas of which the
other ideas and influences can expand upon, undeniably giving the
whole project a grimy, early 90’s feel while still sounding futurist
and modern.

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