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Kilow ‘Stoner’ Remix/’Blew Up’ [Audio] [Video]

The streets of Brooklyn bring to you N.S.S or Never Stay Sober Which Means Get High Off Life Doing What Ever that Makes You Feel Good. Its What Ever Your Addiction You Choose in Life. It also classic story of the streets meets beats, but this Brooklyn Artist has brought a hungry stylistics of true rhyme back to pulse of Rap. “Kilow is what Brooklyn if not Eastcoast Rap’s been trying to get back to. Flow with conviction and believe in the sh*t you say. N.S.S is a union of music and free spirit. Kilow also known as “versatile” brings the mint dollar flow and has been proclaimed as “hell of a flow”. It’s true; like watching the volcano steam up and boil over right up until it blazes out of control. One would truly be impressed by the word manipulation and spill. Sick is to the mind. Straight up and out your mind from what you must call “bars of flame”. This Mature and Harmonic style captured with inventive writing bring to the table the vicious swagger of ill flow. be used to it’s fullest extent. Saying what’s he wants to say and saying it as a rhymer with no breaks is the niche. In your face rhyme and none stop skills til the track is over and beat you over the head with another and another. Simple Science.

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Never Stay Sober Are at it Again with a New industry Remix By Kilow “Stoner” Song Which All You Official Weed Smokers Can Relate To. who stay Blowing that Loud No Reggie Miller . This Track wouldnt been right if this remix wasnt made By Kilow. Never Stay Sober We Been Stoners.

Kilow’s New Video Premire (Blew up) Dir By Mills Miller Media a movement that has been growing stronger with each new release, and Spread Love The Brooklyn Way has further strengthened that fact. It’s a solid addition to the commendable body of work Kilow has been creating since stepping foot in the Booth. a Collaboration Project Featureing the Best of them Best of The Best Producers on here.this concept project was a Great idea by Kilow unifying the Borough of Brooklyn Musically in the words of the late Great The Notorious B.I.G.”Spread Love The Bklyn Way”