Posted April 18, 2014 by Aichaaa in Music

N.O.V.A KNUCKLEHEADS ‘Floating Down Flatbush’ [Audio]

New artists are constantly on the rise, giving us something else to listen to besides the mainstream. The N.O.V.A KNUCKLEHEADS are doing just that with their song, “Floating Down Flatbush”. With dope, speedy lyrics and a mellow vibe, this is the type of the song you kick back to with ya homies after a long day.

The N.O.V.A (Numbs Off Various Addictions) Knuckleheads are an emerging group from Flatbush Brooklyn, currently working their debut, self-titled EP. As talented lyricists and co-producers of their music, they have developed a sound that expresses and depicts the scenes of everyday life in Flatbush. With an unmatched energy and passion for creativity, be on the look out for more to come from the Knuckleheads.

Check out “Floating Down Flatbush” below and more music from the N.O.V.A Knuckleheads here!